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The Lyre-Jet system
Lyre-Jet is a new system comprising a water-jet and lyre-shaped heads. A length of dental floss is stretched tightly across the tips of the heads and two jets of water are sprayed on either side of the lyre along the floss. The floss vibrates when the water is sprayed.

and the patented dental floss

  Another major innovation of the Lyre-Jet is that it uses a new type of patented dental floss that can be fitted instantly and always maintains an optimal level of tension. As the floss is being continually cleaned by the water jet it may be used several times. Nevertheless, we recommend that each member of the family has their own Lyre; these are available in a choice of colours for easy recognition.

4 in 1
Dental floss + pulsating double jet + vibrations
On top of this function recommended for everybody, Lyre-Jet answers all specific needs.

Ergonomic Dental floss hanger
You have in hands the most ergonomic and efficient dental floss hanger on the market. Somme users have got one permanently on their pockets such as a toothpick.

Simple Double Jet
This is recommended for people who wear bridges and orthodontics treatment, when teeth are knit and prevent the dental floss from getting through.

Double Jet + little brushes
Particularly useful for people who wear bridges and orthodontics treatment, when they want to clean the dental plaque and strengthen gums.

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