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Difference compared to products currently available

How does it differ from a water-jet ?

Clinical tests prove two points :

Standard water-jets are not effective because plaque adheres too strongly to real teeth to be removed simply by using a water-jet. In order for plaque to be removed it first has to be loosened before being rinsed away, similarly to when you wash a car, saucepan or rock covered with tar: you have to rub and rinse at the same time.

Water-jets can be dangerous. If they are not properly angled they can loosen the gums from the teeth and push bacteria under the gums and create or worsen periodontal conditions and/or lead to infections elsewhere in the body.

How does it differ from dental floss ?

There are two basic differences :

The first concerns user-friendliness. With Lyre-Jet it is no longer necessary to stretch a length of dental floss between your fingers. The Lyre itself stretches the floss and your fingers remain outside your mouth.

The second concerns effectiveness. When floss is used on its own it loosens the plaque but does not eliminate it. It is like trying to empty a pot of jam with a knitting needle.all the remaining food debris continues to cause caries and irritates the gums. Also floss that is not cleaned permanently forces the bacteria under the gums and causes periodontal pockets of infection to appear or to worsen. Lyre-Jet is far more effective than dental floss alone because the floss is rinsed permanently by the jets and is therefore always clean. As soon as the floss comes into contact with impurities it eliminates them instantly before even having the chance to force them deeper into the gums. Lyre-Jet is therefore a completely safe form and makes efficient dental floss.
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