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IMPORTANT : Scale before using for the first time

We all have varying degrees of tartar between our teeth, which is understandable as we do not use Lyre-Jet yet and tartar is caused by the hardening of unremoved dental plaque.

If you have never used dental floss the spaces between your teeth are probably filled with tartar. This makes it difficult for floss to pass between the teeth.

We therefore recommend that you go to your dentist to have your teeth scaled before using Lyre-Jet for the first time. Then if you use Lyre-Jet every day you will notice that no more tartar forms.

Do not forget that tartar forms very quickly, between 3 and 7 days and sometimes in only a few hours, and it is for this reason that you should use Lyre-Jet every day.

A piece of advice: Buy your Lyre-Jet immediately so that you are ready to use it as soon as you have had your teeth scaled. In this way you will never have to have your teeth scaled again.

If, however, you are in one of the following categories you will not even need a preliminary scaling:

Child between 5 and 10 years old
Your teeth have been scaled within the last three weeks
You use dental floss on a regular basis

Who should use Lyre-Jet?

All the family, from 4 to 84 years old. Just as we all brush our teeth, all of us should use Lyre-Jet. It can be used by everybody. Lyre-Jet can be used between all the teeth, including those that have been treated, crowned and even teeth that are close together or overlapping. The two water jets can also be used without the floss to clean under bridges and around orthodontic treatments as dental plaque does not adhere to metal.

A wonderful invention that concerns us all

When should it be used?

At least once a day after brushing, preferably at night before going to bed.

Dental plaque forms after every meal and the sooner it is removed the less chance bacteria have of damaging our teeth and gums. By acting quickly you eliminate the cause of potential dental disorders.

Clinical tests prove that using Lyre-Jet on a daily basis is the best way of ensuring the top level of dental hygiene.

How long does it take ?

Less than two minutes a day !!!
Tel/Fax :00 32 2 361 63 32
23 avenue Turquoise
1640 Rhodes St Genèse

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