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Welcome to the new dimension in oral hygiene

Why LyreJet ?

The dream of keeping teeth healthy all your life has become a reality. Lyre-Jet is a new revolutionary concept in interproximal hygiene that finally enables you to totally protect your teeth and gums.

Recent studies show that most (63%) dental plaque remains between our teeth despite brushing and causes 80% of the caries, tartar and periodontal disease.

LyreJet is the first device in the world able to clean perfectly between your teeth where toothbrushes will never reach.
Toothbrushes are not enough
Whether you brush manually or using an electric toothbrush you only clean the inner, outer and chewing surfaces of your teeth. Toothbrushes are unable to clean thoroughly the spaces between the teeth that are naturally shaped like a long, narrow tunnel.

Zones that cannot be reached by brushing

63% of dental plaque cannot be reached by brushing

Only 37% of plaque forms on the surfaces we actually brush whereas most of it (63%) is hidden in the 30 spaces between our teeth and cannot be reached by brushing.

In other words, each time we finish brushing our teeth we have not even completed half the work and it is for this reason that our teeth continue to get cavities, periodontal disorders, tartar and dramatical focal infections even though we brush them carefully.

There is just as much at the top ! ...
Never cleaning between our teeth is like never washing between our fingers when we wash our hands.

With LyreJet dental hygiene finally becomes global to achieve perfection

Removing dental plaque from ON and BETWEEN teeth provides you with a high level of dental protection. Perfect oral hygiene is now within your reach:

ON your teeth (28 teeth) using a toothbrush to remove only 37% of the overall dental plaque and,
BETWEEN your teeth (30 interproximal spaces) using LyreJet to remove the remaining 63% in just 90 seconds !

LyreJet is more important than toothbrushes, it is the missing link in oral care

Tests prove that, in terms of quantity, LyreJet removes more plaque (63%) than a toothbrush (37%) but it does not replace brushing your teeth. Each instrument has its respective action areas so they are complementary.

LyreJet and toothbrushes therefore are both necessary and complementary.

Global elimination of dental plaque

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