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Differences compared to current products

How does it differ from a traditional waterjet ?

Traditional waterjets have different problems:

Paradoxically, 1 / the pressure of their jet is insufficient to detach the bacterial plaque which adheres strongly to the surface of the teeth: the bacterial magma, although displaced, is not removed; 2 / the pressure of their jet is already too strong for the gums to be able to resist when the jet is poorly oriented in relation to the gums during use. If the jet is oriented too vertically on the gum-tooth junction - which happens almost all the time since you can't see what you are doing - then the jet pulls the gum away from the tooth and pushes the bacteria under the gums causing and / or aggravating periodontal disease and all the consequences that follow.

Comparatively LyreJet does not use water to "try" to unstick the bacterial magma, it uses a mechanical means: - dental floss - to achieve it. This mechanical action is instantly completed by two waterjets, one of the objectives of which is to remove everything that the dental floss has put in suspension in the interdental tunnel. It is this MECHANICAL+HYDRAULIC SYNERGY that governs the complete cleaning of our teeth, increasing dental hygiene from 37 to 100%. In addition, to eliminate any risk of trauma to the gum-tooth junction, important clinical research has made it possible to specifically freeze the orientation of the LyreJet jets, freeing the user from random manipulations and guaranteeing maximum ergonomics, total safety and an efficiency that is unique in the world.

How does it differ from dental floss ?

There are two basic differences :

The first concerns user-friendliness. With Lyre-Jet it is no longer necessary to stretch a length of dental floss between your fingers. The Lyre itself stretches the floss and your fingers remain outside your mouth.

The second concerns effectiveness. When floss is used on its own it unsticks the plaque but does not evacuate it out of dental spaces. It is like trying to empty a pot of jam with a knitting needle. All the remaining food debris continues to cause caries and irritates the gums. Also floss that is not cleaned permanently forces the bacteria under the gums and causes periodontal pockets of infection to appear or to worsen. LyreJet is far more effective than dental floss alone because the floss is rinsed permanently by the jets and is therefore always clean. As soon as the floss comes into contact with impurities and bacteria  it eliminates them instantly before even having the chance to force them deeper into the gums
or transport from an infected space to a healthy space. With special waterjets added, LyreJet is therefore a completely safe form and makes efficient dental floss.

How does it differ from interdental brushes ?

Interdental brushes do not go everywhere. When gums are healthy, interdental gum papilla completely fills the interdental space. There is therefore hardly any place to introduce  interdental brushes. In this case, forcing the passage traumatizes gums. Their shape and thickness make them unsuitable for cleaning contact points. As a result, they cannot remove all of the interdental plaque and therefore do not prevent all forms of interdental caries. Finally, the use of these accessories considerably increases the risk of bacterial contamination from a pathological space to a healthy space.

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