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Frequently Asked Questions  

How do you get the floss between the teeth ?
Hold the lyre in both hands as near as possible to the floss and move the floss horizontally in a sawing movement. In this way you gently insert the floss between all your teeth. Repeat the movement in order to remove the floss gently.
Go and see LyreJet on Youtube

Does not the floss hurt your gums ?
No, quite the opposite. Day after day, the gentle action of the floss on the gums combined with the massage effect of the water-jets reinforces the gums and makes them less sensitive. The gums between your teeth become strengthened. This is true for adults and children. Go and see clinical proof.

How long does a length of floss last ?
Several days when used by a child. Approximately one day when used by an adult.

How long does it take to LyreJet 32 teeth ?
Just 90 seconds... , when you use it for some time.

How many times a day ?
Once a day, in the evening, is enough to give fabulous results.

Why does the floss always break in the same place ?
The floss breaks more quickly if it meets an irregular surface, such as tartar, a filling or slightly over-large crown. Point the problem out to your dentist who will correct it.

Any other questions ?
Please feel free to send them here.

Some of our satisfied customers  

If you are a LyreJet satisfied customer contact us by e-mail

Ms. AAS, 41 years old (Var): "I have come to rely on this feeling of unblocked spaces between my teeth and strong gums. I know I will have my teeth all my life. It is as if they are living in fresh air".

Mr. JFB, 42 years old (Essone): "I used to think that dental problems were an inevitable part of life and that in the end I would lose my teeth like everybody else. Since my dentist introduced me to Lyre-Jet I just can't believe it: no more caries or tartar. My gums also seem to be strengthened. I've been using Lyre-Jet for 8 years now. Lyre-Jet and my dentist both deserve a big Thank You!".

Ms. BD, 17 years old (Vaucluse): "Since I've been using Lyre-Jet my mouth feels cleaner and fresher than it ever felt when I just used a toothbrush. I have also noticed that my gums are stronger since I've been using Lyre-Jet on a regular basis. I have only one thing to say: thank you, Lyre-Jet, for being so effective."

Mr. BJM, 64 years old (Yvelines): "As well as the pleasant feeling of having fresh breath, Lyre-Jet has significantly reduced the number of trips to the dentist for treatment. It took a while to learn how to use Lyre-Jet correctly but I would strongly advise future users persevere because their efforts will certainly pay off in the long run."

Ms. MTB, 72 years old (Essone): "It really is great, I no longer have trouble with my gums. I used to see my dentist regularly because of sore gums. My gums are now like they were when I was twenty. What a pity I did not use Lyre-Jet thirty years ago."

Mr. AF, 13 years old (Hautes Alpes): "With Lyre-Jet I have an impression of lightness in my mouth. I have fresh breath and I'm sure everybody would like to feel the same sensation in their mouth.

Ms. RM, 35 years old (Yvelines): Since I've been using Lyre-Jet I can't go to sleep unless I've used it at night. I recommend it to all my friends."

Mr. JPB, 74 years old (Vaucluse): "I have not had to have my teeth scaled for seven years. Several teeth have been saved that were already very loose. Once you get into the habit of using it you can't do without it. A pity I did not hear about Lyre-Jet a lot earlier."

Mr. YP, 32 years old (Essone): "I can't believe what falls into the washbasin every time I use Lyre-Jet, even though I brush my teeth carefully. Now I understand why brushing is just not enough."

Mr DW (52 years old), Yvelines : "Lyre-Jet leaves you such a "fresh" impression that I cannot do without it now. I am waiting impatiently for the launch of a travel version so that I will always have it during my journeys."

Mr. BDR (Paris) : I confirmed to you the very positive opinion that I have of the Lyre-Jet system, that improves radically, and efficiently oral health and hygiene.

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